Size                               Shiplap or Loglap

5x4                                          £330
6x4                                          £360
6x5                                          £420
7x4                                          £420
7x5                                          £450
7x6                                          £495
8x5                                          £520
8x6                                          £550
10x6                                        £704
10x8                                        £880
12x8                                       £1060 
12x10                                     £1265 

We manufacture everything on site in our workshop to allow the customer yourselves choose exactly what you want from your shed.

So some of the following extras are rather common ;

  • 3x2 CLS Framework
  • 4x2 CLS Framework
  • ex25mm Floorboards
  • ex25mm Loglap cladding
  • Roofing Felt Shingles
  • Roofing felt corrigated sheets
  • Barratine Wood Perserver treatment
  • Cuprinol Colours Treatment

All of our sheds are hand made to the highest quality.

The are manufactured in our workshop out of european redwood. 

All framework is ex50x50mm redwood, Cladding is ex19mm Shiplap or loglap (both tounge and groved) , the floor is ex19mm vboard (tounge and groved) and the roof is ex16mm vboard (tounge and groved).

We then dip treat our sheds to give them the best start in life.

Amazing Quality amazing prices


Bespoke Sheds